Simplest Meditation Instructions Ever

Meditation can be as complicated as you want to make it, but here’s a move in the other direction:

  1. Pay attention to whatever you notice (inside or outside yourself, it doesn’t matter) without thinking it’s good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant, wise or stupid, worthy or unworthy.

Actually there’s only one step. That’s it.

Sometimes the word “curiosity “ will help you.

You can start anywhere, even  in the midst of a judgement: “This sucks!!” Well,  what’s that like? How does it feel? Explore it, it’s color, texture, emotion, sensation. What images come to mind? What sort of dance would describe it? If it were an animal what would it be? Just keep yourself company. You can’t do it wrong. When you notice that you’re back to judging your experience, putting it away in a box, just notice that. You can start again. You can start anywhere. Really.

There’s a koan(any koan is helpful  because a koan never makes things wrong or right) that goes like this: “What is it?” (A short presentation on this koan at )

That’s It.

By Rachel Boughton