About us


 Roseburg Zen will meet every Tuesday evening from 5:30-7:00pm at the First Roseburg Presbyterian Church on the corner of Jackson St. and Lane Ave. It is free and open to all regardless of experience. We are not affiliated with any religious denomination.

If you have never meditated this is a good way to begin in a friendly and relaxed setting. If you are an old hand please come by and sit with us. Experience one way or another isn’t required.

If you have your own cushions feel free to bring them but we have chairs available. If you would like to get some beginning instruction before the group meets let us know by contacting us at roseburgzen@gmail.com or 541-530-1522.

Enter through the office entrance on Lane Street. From the first floor take first hallway on the left, go all the way to the end to the library, last door on the right. That’s where you’ll find us. You’ll be in the restroom if you go too far. 🙂

We’ll plan to start a little past 6:00pm . Hope to see you there.


About small koan groups;


Ground rules for meetings.

My intention for this group is to support meditative enquiry and conversation. I ask that after meditation you follow the ground rules below until everyone has had an opportunity to share their experience with the koan either during or prior to the meeting.

After it’s apparent that everyone has had an opportunity to share their experience relative to the koan we can move on to more general topics.

1. ONLY talk about your direct experience with the koan in your own words.  This means not according to other books, teachers, etc. 

2. Leave a short quiet gap after last speaker, before you speak.

3. Do not speak a second time until everyone has spoken that wants to.
4. For ending you can say thank you, or bow, or say nothing.

5. After most people have spoken if you don’t want to say anything, you could say “Pass”, “I’ll pass for now”.  

6. It’s fine to ask someone to say more about something they have shared. If they haven’t anything more to say that’s fine too. Some things cannot be put into words for awhile, if ever.
I would suggest that you listen with your body or heart, don’t plan what you’re going to say or solve other peoples’ problems in your mind while you listen to the other person. There is no one that needs fixing in this meeting. What you might like or dislike might be exactly what you and the other person needs to feel in that moment. Let yourself be moved. It is a gift.
I will be starting the meeting shortly after 5:30pm. Please hold personal “off topic”conversations until after the mediation and koan discussion part of the meeting.
If you find that you are running late, that is no problem, feel free to come anyway. Quietly find a seat and settle in with us. If you have to leave early that is no problem either,
I’m grateful to all of you for joining me each week.