Wash Your Bowls

Once a monk made a request of Joshu.
“I have just entered the monastery,” he said. “Please give me instructions, Master.”
Joshu said, “Have you had your breakfast?”
“Yes, I have,” replied the monk.
“Then,” said Joshu, “wash your bowls.”
The monk had an insight.                                   

Mumon’s Poem
Because it is so very clear,
It takes longer to come to the realization.
If you know at once candlelight is fire,
The meal has long been cooked.
— The Gateless Gate

Hi everyone, I’m back from Nicaragua and looking forward to continuing the Roseburg Zen Group. No experience of any sort needed. The group is free of charge and is non-denominational. The group will meet from 6- 7:30 PM at the Roseburg Presbyterian Church, 1st Floor, Library. Use the office entrance on Lane Street.

Again, sign up at roseburgzen@gmail or call me at 541-530-1522.

I look forward to seeing you,




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